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Re: Selection changes

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: Re: Selection changes
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 19:44:13 +0100
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On 23/07/10 11:32, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

Is the list of default values in this entry all that was modified?

It's those settings that cause the behaviour changes. Menu-bar bindings were changed too, though not in a manner that would affect w32 AFAICS.

There were/are various bugfixes arising from problems highlighted by the changes, of course.

That is, if the user reverts all of these values to their previous
defaults, would she have the previous behavior?

Though remembering the fact the previous defaults were different on different platforms - so on w32:
select-active-regions nil
x-select-enable-clipboard t
; x-select-enable-primary nil
mouse-drag-copy-region t
(global-set-key [mouse-2] 'mouse-yank-at-click)

Binding the menu bar items back to their old defaults would be required for a technically complete reversion, that would matter mostly on x11 (the old menu bar used to force use of the clipboard, since the old defaults on x11 had x-select-enable-primary t / x-select-enable-clipboard nil).

AFAIK the use of rebinding (mouse-2, menu-bar) rather than rewriting the existing functions to which they were bound to honour some additional customization booleans (as in some earlier iterations of this...) does make it impossible to use pure customization theme functionality to encapsulate the changes.

> In general, the behavior on MS-Windows does not need to change,
because there's no primary selection on Windows.

There is no real primary selection, but that doesn't actually mean the default behaviour didn't merit changing on w32 too. Windows apps do _not_ typically overwrite the clipboard upon mere selection of text (nor do x11 apps for that matter). "windows has no primary selection" does _not_ mean "the windows clipboard can be considered some sort of a substitute primary selection that is okay to overwrite willy-nilly".

Yes, some may view the w32 clipboard-eating as a "feature" (and even want it expanded to catch all the cases consistently, which would at least be consistent - i.e. the proposed "clipboard-active-regions") and/or consider making w32 emacs work more like other apps (whether other w32 apps, x11 emacs or other x11 apps) a non-goal. In any case, the feature is still available, whether it's on by default or not is a different matter.

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