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Re: Proposal: merge [S-tab] and [backtab]

From: Chad Brown
Subject: Re: Proposal: merge [S-tab] and [backtab]
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 13:27:12 -0700

On Aug 2, 2010, at 1:11 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> I think I was the one who mentioned S-iso-tab (in the bug thread).
>> But I meant `S-iso-lefttab'.
> BTW, could someone explain to me what is the iso-lefttab key?
> What does it look like, where is it "typically" located?

I believe it stems from the practice on some (older?) keyboards of
printing a pair of arrows on the `tab key', one pointing each
direction, mimicking the placement of (for example) `!' over `1' on
the US-qwerty keyboard.

A little web searching suggests that it originated in the early days
of X:

        There is no universal standard for "backward tab" in the X
        Window System. On some systems shift+tab gives the keysym "ISO
        Left Tab", on others it gives a private "BackTab" keysym and
        on others it gives "Tab" and applications tell from the shift
        state that it means backward-tab rather than forward-tab. In
        the RFB protocol the latter approach is preferred. Viewers
        should generate a shifted Tab rather than ISO Left
        Tab. However, to be backwards-compatible with existing
        viewers, servers should also recognise ISO Left Tab as meaning
        a shifted Tab.

That same web searching also suggests that Emacs customization is the
most common source of `caring' about iso-lefttab in the present.

Hope this helps,

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