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Re: Key bindings proposal

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Key bindings proposal
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 02:11:57 +0200

On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 10:39 PM, MON KEY <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Aug 2010 17:02, Lennart Borgman wrote:
> ,----
> | The problem is that it is very hard to get them accepted. Thousands of
> | users using them without trouble does not seem enough.
> `----
> FWIW I finally stopped using your patched version when the bugs I was
> seeing did not appear in like instances of Emacs proper or on other
> free OSs.  I resisted abondoning the pathed Emacs until it became
> clear that problems would not be solved in a manner that allowed me to
> transparently access/deploy my Emacsen across multiple versions, OSs,
> etc.

What bug was that?

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