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Re: The copyright issue (Was: Key bindings proposal)

From: Bernardo Barros
Subject: Re: The copyright issue (Was: Key bindings proposal)
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 13:31:58 -0300

Do you mean "In my perfect world Hurd would be what Linux is?" or Hurd
would give an extra advantage? There was a clear project for Hurd so
you could see in what direction it would go if it had more
development/developers? I don't see anything wrong with Linux. Well,
there is. I work with audio a lot and I have to tweak to have realtime
and low-latency for my audio system, so it should have it out of the
box when a audio program is running like mac/osx.

2010/8/6 Juanma Barranquero <address@hidden>:
> On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 10:37, Stuart Hacking <address@hidden> wrote:
>> * One day we'll live in a perfect world where everyone runs GNU/Linux,
> Of couse not! In a perfect world everyone would run GNU/Hurd...
>     Juanma

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