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RE: Key bindings proposal

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Key bindings proposal
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 19:05:10 -0700

> >> > The current standard is used on all platforms
> >> 
> >> Windows users couldn't care less about what Emacs does on all 
> >> the other platforms.
> >
> > W r o n g .     That is sooooo silly.
> >
> > Lots of people (including yours truly) use multiple 
> > platforms (including Windows) to do their work.
> > And some of us use Emacs.
> Please note that I was referring to "Windows users." The part that
> depicts them as users of other platforms too is your original 
> addition.

But that's the point.  The "standard is used on all platforms".  Emacs is
similar, if not the same, on all platforms.  And that's important, including to
some Emacs users.

Why, you say? What do "Windows users" care about other platforms?

Well one reason it is important that a common standard be used across platforms
is that "Windows users" are not necessarily users of Windows _only_.

When you say "Windows users" without qualification that means _all_ Windows
users or Windows users as a class, Windows users in general, as others have
pointed out.

You seemed to be speaking for all Windows users and missing the point that
having similar behavior across platforms could be useful to at least some
Windows users.

This might be mainly an English problem - dunno.  But you can see from the
reactions your assertion provoked that it was taken as a clear statement that no
Windows users (or hardly any) would care about Emacs behavior on other
platforms.  And nothing could be farther from the truth.

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