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issues migrating to cocoa emacs (23.2) from carbon emacs (22) (continued

From: John Owens
Subject: issues migrating to cocoa emacs (23.2) from carbon emacs (22) (continued)
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 23:34:42 +0000 (UTC)
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(I posted a couple of months ago and wanted to follow up, particularly
for the issues for which I did not get a good response:
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.devel/125714/focus=125717 )

I'm trying the 23.2 release Cocoa Emacs build (OS X 10.6). There's a
number of things that are more annoying about Cocoa Emacs than the
terrific Carbon Emacs (based on an Emacs 22 build, I believe), so I
hoped folks might have some solutions/thoughts:

- I used to be able to option-click (in my mailer) on web links, but
  that doesn't work any more. This might be mailer-specific, but I
  don't think so; I think it used to map to middle-button, but it
  doesn't any more (no matter which of the two remappings above I

  I'm really hoping that one of the Mac developers will let the list
  know what is the current keyboard equivalent for middle-button (and
  will this work for launching web links?).

- Drag-and-drop of a file from the Finder into an emacs window used to
  open that file in a new buffer. Now it just pastes into the current
  buffer. I liked the old behavior a lot better.

- In Firefox, I can set the Preferences, Applications, mailto content
  type to "Use Emacs". This used to work in Carbon Emacs. Now when I
  click on a Firefox mailto link, it changes focus to Emacs but
  doesn't actually do anything. 

  My .emacs has the following, which I guess doesn't work in 23:

  (setq browse-url-browser-function
      '(("^http:" . browse-url-generic)
        ("^https:" . browse-url-generic)
        ("^mailto:"; lambda (url &rest stuff) (compose-mail 
                                              (substring to 7)))
        ("^file:.*\\.html?$" . w3m-browse-url))

- I used to be able to "open -a Emacs foo.bar" in the terminal and
  that would open in my current Emacs window. However, now it launches
  in a new Emacs window. David Reitter mentioned "ns-pop-up-frames"
  whose documentation is 

    Non-nil means open files upon request from the Workspace in a new
    frame. If t, always do so. Any other non-nil value means open a
    new frame unless the current buffer is a scratch buffer.

  This works for me when I set it to nil, so thanks David. The docs
  note this changed in 23.1, so that's why. Solved!



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