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bzr send workflow (Was: Locks on the Bzr repository)

From: Bojan Nikolic
Subject: bzr send workflow (Was: Locks on the Bzr repository)
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 21:36:15 +0100
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Hi All,

As already much discussed, the problems people are experiencing are
basically due to many people trying to write (in some way) to the same
sftp://bzr.sv.gnu.org/srv/bzr/emacs/trunk/ location via the dumb sftp

There are many ways around this, but one I did not see mentioned (maybe
I missed it) is using the bzr send command to send merge "bundles" via
email. This is the way bzr development itself worked while I followed
it, and I've used it on some of my own projects too. I was always very
impressed how well it worked.

Since maybe I missed the discussion on this, I just wanted to ask if
this workflow has been considered and rejected?  If not, I'd be happy to
offer a more detailed summary of how it works and the advantages.

I imagine one possible objection to this workflow has/will be the
unnecessary complication of merge history. One possible work around
would be an option to the merge bundle which basically indicated that it
should be rebased to the current trunk tip if this can safely be done.

If people are interested I would be happy to provide more details, at
least as far as I understand them.


Bojan Nikolic          ||          http://www.bnikolic.co.uk

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