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Re: Locks on the Bzr repository

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Locks on the Bzr repository
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 20:25:49 +0900

Uday S Reddy writes:

 > If Bazaar is a "gnu project", can FSF lean on them to produce a
 > proper integrated rebase?

Unlikely.  The FSF won't even "lean" on Savannah to properly support
the "official" GNU VCS.

I believe that RMS has suggested that if this is "really" a problem
for (some) Emacs developers, then the (affected) Emacs developers
might want to contribute actively to the Bazaar project.

My impression is that the active Bazaar developers are much less
opposed to a proper rebase than they once were, but Bazaar itself
doesn't need it because of their pqm-based workflow, and the Bazaar
developers most interested in this feature are concentrating on other
work (ie, they're not that interested).  So I think a third-party
contribution would receive proper review and some mentoring (mostly
focused on winkling the patch through the Bazaar contribution process,
but some technical help as well).  That's probably the best way.

Caveat: you probably won't get "integrated" rebase, but having a
robust plugin should be good enough (and fits better with the Bazaar
philosophy, both about VCS, and about good development process).

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