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Re: document package.el

From: Christoph
Subject: Re: document package.el
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 16:58:33 -0600
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On 8/27/2010 3:43 PM, Richard Stallman wrote:
     I personally think that upgrading packages should be a conscious, 
     action.  You never know what changes the developers have put in the 
upgrade and
     what those change would entail in terms of how you will use the package.

I agree.  Not only that, but we want users to be conscious of and control
what software they run.  Leading them to let things be updated automatically
is the opposite of that.

Agreed, but like Tom said, there could (and imho should) be an option to check for updates of specified packages on startup or periodically and provide an "update available" notification to the user.

Options could be

- Check manually
- Check on startup
- Check in a user-specified interval (once per day, week, month)
- Check on startup and periodically

If updates are available, a list of packages with updates should be presented to the user, where he can mark the packages he would like to upgrade.

On a new installation this would also work and result in the latest version of all specified packages being installed. With user confirmation of course.

That's what I was initially looking for.


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