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Re: [emacs-bidi] Re: Arabic support

From: James Cloos
Subject: Re: [emacs-bidi] Re: Arabic support
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 01:07:40 -0400
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>>>>> "AA" == Amit Aronovitch <address@hidden> writes:

AA>  b) Arabic keyboard has the ligature "Lam-Alef" (U+FEFB) on the key marked
AA> "B" in qwerty keyboards. When I type this in emacs, I get Lam and Alef
AA> (which are auto-shaped correctly as the proper ligature).

Emacs' Arabic keyboard is based on a patch I proposed, which in turn is
based on typing the relevant keys with the X11 keyboard set to the Arabic
keyboard from xkeyboard-config.  The mapping of U+FEFB, U+FEF9, U+FEF7
and U+FEF5 to the strings "لا", "لإ", "لأ", "لآ" (I hope those pasted
correctly) come from a patch to libX11's utf-8 Compose file which I pushed 
and which was written and submitted by Khaled Hosny, who has been quite

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