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select-active-regions, Emacs not X

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: select-active-regions, Emacs not X
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 14:14:26 +0200
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Hi all,

stumble over a real nasty bug, yanking everything back which got into the region/highlighted by chance.

See bug#6941: 24.0.50; yank doesn't return latest kill

Reading the news, it seems that it's conceived that way:

"The default handling of clipboard and primary selections has been
changed to conform with other X applications.

*** `select-active-regions' now defaults to t, so active regions set
the primary selection."

IMHO copying everything once got highlighted,  it just the delire :-)

Can't move the cursor without clobbering previous saves.

Emacs is unusable that way.

Well, it's gone after setting `select-active-regions' other than t.

But, please, don't let users run into that mess, don't activate it by default.

Well, that feature might be interesting in specific context.
A default value "only shift-selection or mouse-drag" might make sense.




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