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Re: select-active-regions, Emacs not X

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: select-active-regions, Emacs not X
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2010 12:30:01 +0200
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Am 03.09.2010 11:55, schrieb Miles Bader:
Andreas Röhler<address@hidden>  writes:
OK, but still doesn't explain why the default of ` select-active-regions'
is changed from

23 nil
24 t
Because the previous default of `nil' made Emacs inconsistent with other

There is no perfect default setting that works perfectly for everybody,
but the current default seems pretty good.


Hm, given the fact, primary-selection is a more consistent interface to expect,
don't understand the defaults

(defcustom x-select-enable-clipboard t
(defcustom x-select-enable-primary nil

Would revers this settings. But lets wait maybe and see if the issue comes up again.

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