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Re: What does Emacs on w32 know that grep can't figure out?

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: What does Emacs on w32 know that grep can't figure out?
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 13:26:08 +0200

Thanks Mathias, that kind of worked, but I get no *grep* buffer.

Beside that it opened Wink for me. Looking at the code I can't see
that it could do that - but it does. Anyone understand what
happened??? (Wink is a w32 program for making screencasts. Very good,
but unfortunately not GPL. I have used it for nXhtml screencasts.)

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 12:35 PM, Mathias Dahl <address@hidden> wrote:
> I often use `% g' in Dired for finding files with a certain text in
> them. Together with recursive Dired listings this often solves my
> needs (although it is slower than using grep.)
> /Mathias
> On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 11:28 AM, Lennart Borgman
> <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 9:13 AM, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>> From: Lennart Borgman <address@hidden>
>>>> Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 02:29:35 +0200
>>>> Cc: Emacs-Devel devel <address@hidden>
>>>> > How do we handle what? If you mean, how can Emacs read the text just
>>>> > fine... Emacs has supported UTF-16 and many other coding systems for
>>>> > years.
>>>> Using grep is an integral part of Emacs. If grep does not support the
>>>> coding then that part of Emacs will fail.
>>> What's wrong with "M-x occur" and/or "M-x multi-occur"?
>> They does not do what grep does.
>> And as I said opening the files in a buffer will be bad because of 
>> performance.
>> However using the internal regexp engine for searching the files would
>> be useful, but I have no idea how complicated it is to implement
>> something like that.

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