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Re: testing framework and package.el

From: Christian Ohler
Subject: Re: testing framework and package.el
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2010 23:01:22 +1000

On 28/09/10 8:57, Stefan Monnier wrote:
is there a chance to get a testing framework on elpa.gnu.org on the
short run?
Ert [1] is used in nxhtml, simple to use and documented.

IIRC we've agreed to try and install ERT, either on elpa or in Emacs
itself, and then try and move the few tests we already have
scattered about to use ERT.  But I haven't heard much about it recently.

Incidentally, I finished a major overhaul of ERT's manual a few days ago. Over the next few weeks, I should be able to find some time to put together a patch to integrate it into Emacs. If anyone is interested, you can already review the code at http://github.com/ohler/ert and send me comments to speed up the integration process.

I think it makes more sense to have ERT in Emacs proper rather than as an ELPA package. This way, tests for Emacs itself can use ERT. Ulf Jasper's tests in the test/ directory would be the first candidates.


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