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Re: mwheel scroll horizontally

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: mwheel scroll horizontally
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 00:39:10 +0100
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> That's the wrong place for such control, IMO.  I mean that it shouldn't be
> hard-coded like that.  We should leave S- and C- open for use with the wheel,
> and not hard-code them to representing a scroll amount.

The Commentary in mwheel.el says:

  ;; I for one would prefer some way of converting the button4/button5
  ;; events into different event types, like 'mwheel-up' or
  ;; 'mwheel-down', but I cannot find a way to do this very easily (or
  ;; portably), so for now I just live with it.

Is it what you mean?

> There is nothing sacred about window scrolling - a mouse wheel can do
> lots more interesting things in Emacs than scroll a window.

Yes, they are not just about scrolling.  For instance, in Gimp/Chrome
C-mwheel zooms in/out (like `C-x C-+' `C-x C--' `text-scale-adjust' in Emacs).

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