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Re: Emacs Windows FAQ

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Emacs Windows FAQ
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2010 10:02:56 -0400

> From: Uday S Reddy <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2010 10:33:00 +0100
> Your original proposal was to "simply remove" the Windows Emacs FAQ from the 
> web site.

That wasn't what I suggested.

> If you want to amend that to say, transfer all the information to Emacs FAQ 
> and *then* remove it from the web site, I would obviously have no objection.

_This_ is what I suggested.

> But, who is going to do it?

Some volunteer, as usual.

> Another factor that concerns me is that the Windows Emacs FAQ is not just an 
> Emacs FAQ.  It also answers questions about how to integrate Emacs with other 
> components of the "GNU operating system" on Windows or even the "Windows 
> operating system".  For instance, questions like how do I unpack the 
> distribution, how do I get it to work with Internet Explorer, and so on.  Do 
> you want to put all such information on the general Emacs FAQ?

Sure, why not?  The Emacs FAQ already contains similar info.

> A third factor is that the Windows Emacs FAQ was produced by a community of 
> users who knew exactly what the issues were.  It is very hard, if not 
> impossible, for developer teams produce such FAQs because they think in an 
> entirely different plane.

??? Aren't the "developer team" also users of Emacs on Windows who
need to overcome these difficulties (and have done so)?

> I have been in a lot of situations where sys-admins got rid of documentation 
> produced by user teams because they were supposedly "obsolete", but they 
> ended up replacing them with other documentation which was way inferior.

Only someone who doesn't know my views well can suggest that this is
my drift.  You will find a lot of my messages where I _object_ to
removing support for seemingly-"obsolete" features, platforms, etc.
Heck, I'm the one who insists on maintaining the DOS port of Emacs,

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