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Re: Custom themes

From: Christoph
Subject: Re: Custom themes
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 18:04:13 -0600
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On 10/12/2010 02:25 PM, Chong Yidong wrote:

I've checked in a simple implementation of the theme chooser, which can
be accessed via M-x customize-themes.  As mentioned, the underlying
mechanism is the Custom Themes feature which has existed since Emacs 22.

Cool. Thanks.

To start, I've slapped together a couple of default themes and put them
in the lisp/themes directory.  These won't necessarily be the ones we
end up including for Emacs 24; we might replace them later.

Would it make sense to add lisp/themes to the default path? Right now, there are no themes listed when invoking customize-themes unless I add the path manually.


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