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Re: testing framework and package.el

From: Christian Ohler
Subject: Re: testing framework and package.el
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 21:00:57 +1100

 On 13/10/10 11:36, Stefan Monnier wrote:
/usr/local/src/Emacsen -+- trunk    -+- etc
                         |            +- lisp
                         |            +- src
                         +- emacs-23 -+- etc
                         |            +- lisp
                         |            +- src
                         +- tests    -+- automated
                                      +- crashers
                                      +- ui

That makes a lot of sense to me (except for the unacceptable use of
a capital letter in a filename, which I assume you only put there as
a form of provocation).

We should indeed turn the current `test' subdirectory into a new
Bzr branch.  If/when we need tests that are really
implementation-specific we will see how to deal with them.

IIUC, this design requires developers who want to add features and write tests for them to check out two different bzr branches and submit two different patches. Isn't that a rather high bar that will be inconvenient for developers and discourage them from writing tests? Earlier in this thread, you said:

I think that given the current situation, tests written in LOLCODE or
Agda are better than no tests at all,

This sounded to me like you would like the bar for contributing tests to be low.

As an alternative that avoids this problem, we could maintain the tests in Emacs trunk, but our makefiles could have a test_src variable that defaults to tests, and that we can set to ../trunk/tests when running tests in the emacs-23 directory in Stephen's layout.


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