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RE: Box graphic tweak

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Box graphic tweak
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 21:34:05 -0700

> > The default mode-line has width 1, so it's unaffected.  Setting the
> > width to 2, the result still also looks reasonable; see attached.
> ??? The default box's line-width of mode-line is -1 to make the
> height of the mode-line the same as the other default lines.

And I tried to stress that a setting of -1 is important, and that users need to
be able to adjust whatever new boxing features we might add:

d> More importantly, such an appearance difference should in any 
d> case be under user control - just as users can today control
d> the box outline width and even whether it extends outside the
d> char size or within it (using a negative width).  It must
d> not be forced.
d> IOW, if you would like to make such a feature available to 
d> users, great, but it should be as optional as the other `box'
d> attributes.
d> (The ability to use a negative box width is important, BTW, 
d> and your new feature should not force a boxed char to always
d> be larger than a normal char - there needs to be some way to
d> control the overall size.

No response to that.  I still don't know whether and how much users will be able
to control this.  All that was said was that this feature gives us a new default

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