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bzr on Savannah

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bzr on Savannah
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 14:43:11 -0400

> > bzr was slow on savannah due to the use of sftp.
> > Do people find bzr satisfactory now?
> It is much improved and personally I find it satisfactory now, yes.

PS that comment was about basic bzr functionality. One service that
Savannah still does not provide is the ability to browse bzr
repositories via the web. The service that provides this is called
"Loggerhead", analogous to "ViewVC" for CVS repositories.
Several GNU projects have asked Savannah to implement this over many
months. Since roughly the start of the year, attempting to browse the
relevant page on Savannah simply reports:


"loggerhead disabled due to instability; if you're interesting in
maintaining it, please contact us"

This issue is not as important as the sftp one was, but I think it is
important for Savannah to provide this service for Bzr repositories,
as it seems to do for every other version control system it supports.
This is the last gap in their bzr support that I can think of.

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