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EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP vs. emacs_get_tty_pgrp

From: Ken Brown
Subject: EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP vs. emacs_get_tty_pgrp
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 10:22:13 -0400
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The macro EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP defined in src/systty.h uses either tcgetpgrp or TIOCGPGRP to get the PGID of a terminal's foreground process group. But src/process.c defines and uses its own emacs_get_tty_pgrp that only works on systems that have TIOCGPGRP. Is there a good reason for this? If not, I would like to try to prepare a patch to change process.c to use the macro instead. This would simplify the code and would also extend some of the functionality in process.c to systems that have tcgetpgrp but not TIOCGPGRP.


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