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minor fix to mspools.el

From: T.V. Raman
Subject: minor fix to mspools.el
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 12:11:11 -0700

Best Regards,
the code in mspools.el has a small bug -- sent backtrace earlier
via reporter (or at least tried t)

The fix is easy --code below:
It presently defines mspools-mode-map via a let form inside a
defvar, but omits to return the locally created map from the let
I've marked the line to add with a '+':

(defvar mspools-mode-map
  (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
    (define-key map "\C-c\C-c" 'mspools-visit-spool)
    (define-key map "\C-m" 'mspools-visit-spool)
    (define-key map " " 'mspools-visit-spool)
    (define-key map "?" 'mspools-help)
    (define-key map "q" 'mspools-quit)
    (define-key map "n" 'next-line)
    (define-key map "p" 'previous-line)
    (define-key map "g" 'revert-buffer)
  "Keymap for the *spools* buffer.")

Best Regards,

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