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Re: configure{.in,} question

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: configure{.in,} question
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 12:06:43 -0400
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> Not like that at all.  Not every generated file should be omitted.  We
> have other generated files in the repository, take a look at
> admin/charsets and admin/unidata.  There's nothing wrong with that,
> really.

Actually, storing generated files is always a source of annoyances.
For files that change very rarely, like the unicode char data, this is
not too problematic, but I often end up with problems because of
configure and src/config.in.  I worked around most of those problems in
my local branch by "bzr mv"ing those files to a "junk" directory.

Of course, there are yet other generated files which change somewhat
often but that we need for bootstrapping reasons.

This said, I'd be happy to try and move all those generated files to
some auxiliary place, so as to better balance the conflict between "we
want to have them to make installation easier and bootstrap possible"
and "we don't want to store generated files, to avoid conflicts".

We already do that with lisp/loaddefs.el (whose bootstrap version is in
lisp/ldefs-boot.el), but maybe a more generic approach would be
Even better would be if Bzr provided support for such things.


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