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Re: Remote TCP server through ssh tunnel

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: Remote TCP server through ssh tunnel
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 00:05:13 -0400

On Oct 25, 2010, at 16:22, Lluís wrote:
> In any case, thanks a lot for your answers, at least now I can tell my
> work mate that this is one of the few things that his shiny new emacs
> cannot do :)

Blasphemy! :-)

If you're interested in speeding up X11 sessions, I was pretty happy with dxpc 
years ago (and implemented an option to have it forcibly set the "backing 
store" option of all visible windows, to reduce refreshes); NX looks like an 
interesting option too.

>> Anyway, as people have mentioned, I think you should look into Tramp.
> Well, he told me that tramp was just "too slow" when saving files. I
> don't know if this can be optimized.

It's slower than operating on local files, certainly, but I haven't been 
annoyed with it enough to look much into speeding it up.  It does appears that 
Tramp supports using rsync; that may be faster for sending back large files to 
which you've made small changes, especially combined with the SSH connection 
multiplexing you've already got.  In my experience, the default seems to be to 
use scp, so explicitly selecting rsync may be necessary.


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