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Re: ns-win.el

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: ns-win.el
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 02:45:13 -0400
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Adrian Robert wrote:

> The 'nxopen' functions you removed fro ns-win are referenced from
> startup.el.

I didn't remove any nxopen functions?

> On the other hand, they were moved from menu-bar.el TO ns-win.el
> during the merge. It was desired to keep these platform-specific
> things in the platform-specific file rather than cluttering up
> common files, and I've come to agree myself this is the best way.

Whoops. I have to say I disagree, since it is more work to change the
menus after they are defined, and it means requiring easymenu in the
dumped ns Emacs; and this means putting it in the DOC file for every
platform. I also find it much easier to see all the menu definitions at
one place rather than have them scattered over multiple files.

>> 7. Can the 'mac- aliases be declared obsolete?
> I'd prefer to do so, but they are there for compatibility with the
> earlier Carbon port, and presumably Yamamoto Mitsuharu's current
> ports which are used by some people. The Aquamacs community also
> uses these heavily.

No reason not to declare them obsolete in the nextstep port.

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