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Re: Incorrect merge

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Incorrect merge
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 09:51:35 -0400
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> I don't know about others, but you don't need to prove to me that your
> approach works.  Although I haven't actually used it in practice, the
> theory looks good enough.  The question I have is whether it's well-
> adapted to Emacs.

Exactly.  And even more so if you consider our use of ChangeLog files:

Not only do I want a "merge script" in any case to help me resolve those
spurious conflicts, so making this script look for commits with a "don't
merge" flag and reverse apply their diffs before committing the merge is
just a natural extension (in the sense that, just like for resolving
conflicts in ChangeLog, all it does is automatize what we do manually).

But on top of that, until we have a "merge script" I'd rather not add
yet more branches to merge, since merging from emacs-common to emacs-23
will be yet another merge where I'll need to manually fix the ChangeLog

Of course, your argument will be that once we have a good "merge script"
to resolve ChangeLog conflicts (or once we get rid of the ChangeLog
files), we can use an emacs-common branch without suffering when
merging from it into emacs-23.  It's not like your point is not valid,
but I don't think the difference matters nearly as much as this thread
makes it out to be.


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