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[patch] make shell-process-popd aware of comint-file-name-prefix

From: Christian Millour
Subject: [patch] make shell-process-popd aware of comint-file-name-prefix
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2010 08:55:13 +0100


shell-process-popd (in lisp/shell.el) is currently unaware of
comint-file-name-prefix. This is inconsistent with the behavior of
shell-process-pushd and shell-process-cd, and hampers proper directory
tracking in tramp remote shells (see
). The attached patch should correct this oversight. 

This is my first stab at contributing to emacs so please be patient and
forgiving if I did not do it right or missed something. 

Best regards, Christian. 

Attachment: shell-process-popd.txt
Description: patch for shell-process-popd

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