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Re: Frame title problem

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: Frame title problem
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 09:52:44 +0100

Did you try choosing a theme that doesn't use gtk-engine?

     Jan D.

5 nov 2010 kl. 15:55 skrev Stephen Berman <address@hidden>:

> The X Window title bars of my Emacs 24 builds have an oddity: no matter
> what the value of frame-title-format is (including nil), the title bar
> always displays the string " <@escher.home> " at the end (unless more
> than one Emacs frame is open, in which case "<2>" follows that string in
> one of the frames), where "escher.home" is the value of system-name.
> However, I only see this frame title appendage under KDE, not under
> icewm or twm (these are the only WM's currently installed on my system).
> And, while I see this with an Emacs 24 build of 2010-09-08, I do not see
> it with a 23.1.91 build of 2010-01-28 (the only 23.2 pretest build I
> have).  These two builds differ in GTK+ version: 2.18.1 for the earlier
> vs. 2.18.6 for the later builds.  But I also have an Emacs 23.1 built
> with GTK+ 2.18.6 by openSUSE on the same system (I'm running 11.2 and
> KDE 4.5.2), and this 23.1 build does not have the frame title appendage.
> So this seems to be due to some interaction between Emacs 24 and
> KDE/GTK+ (perhaps involving the gtk-qt engine), since I haven't observed
> this with any application beside Emacs 24.  Do any of you have an idea
> what could be causing this problem, or a suggestion how I could try to
> track it down?
> Steve Berman

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