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Re: On (Free)BASIC mode

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: On (Free)BASIC mode
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 11:28:44 +0530
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>> In lisp/progmodes I see a lot of 'modes' for several programming languages,
>> WHY not for (Free)BASIC [1]?
> Because noone has submitted one, I guess.
> Also because the visual-basic-mode.el is supposedly only providing
> support for a proprietary language (well, I don't know if the language
> itself is protected in any way, but at least I only know of one
> implementation for it and it's proprietary).

FWIW, the mono project has support for VB.NET
- http://www.mono-project.com/VisualBasic.NET_support

Jambunathan K.

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