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Re: Fwd: Tabs for console.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Fwd: Tabs for console.
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 14:22:14 -0500
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> A tab is a formed from a few scripts: an initialization script, and
> activation script, an deactivation script, etc.

> Here is the patch.

The patch is huge and includes a lot of irrelevant changes (mostly
reverting recent changes), so it's not readable as sent.
Make sure you send a diff that's relative to the code that you modified,
and not to some other version of the code: check the patch visually and
if you see a change in there which *you* did not write, then the patch
is wrong (i.e. you're calling git with incorrect arguments).

> I tried to create a tab that represents a frame with this code:

> (setq init-tab
>       '( (+ 1 2)
>      (setq fr (make-terminal-frame '((tab . t)))) ) )

> (setq act-tab
>       '( (message "activate")
>      (select-frame fr) ) )

> (setq desact-tab
>       '( (message "hide tab") ) )

> (make-tab (list (cons 'tab-code:init init-tab )
>         (cons 'tab-code:activate act-tab )
>         (cons 'tab-code:desactivate desact-tab )
>         ) )

> (activate-tab 0)

I don't know what the above means.  Please explain what the above is
meant to do and in what way.

One problem I see with the above is that it uses quoted code, which has
the major disadvantage of not being byte-compilable.  Always try and use
functions instead of quoted code.  Something like:

   (setq init-tab
         (lambda ()
           (+ 1 2)
           (setq fr (make-terminal-frame '((tab . t))))))
   (setq act-tab
         (lambda ()
           (message "activate")
           (select-frame fr)))
   (setq desact-tab
         (lambda ()
           (message "hide tab")))

> The parameter '0' of `activate-tab' means to activate the first TAB of the
> selected frame.

Why?  Are they numbered?

> For the next period of time I am able to work on this. I am waiting for your
> suggestions. It depends only on you if I continue to work and finish the
> tabs for console or not.

Are your tabs "per-frame" or "per-window", or something else?


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