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Re: The window-pub branch

From: Štěpán Němec
Subject: Re: The window-pub branch
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 21:55:41 +0100
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martin rudalics <address@hidden> writes:

>> Alright... I built it and was going to use it, but I hit one
>> show-stopper immediately: the `split-{height,width}-threshold' variables
>> seem to be ignored: I have the former set to 80, the latter to 150 and
>> `pop-up-windows' to t, but with window-pub a 59x158 window is
>> split vertically, making Emacs pretty much unusable for me.
> Thanks for testing.  I expected you to find a show-stopper earlier.  Do
> you mean that 24 lines is to small for a new window (many popped up
> windows here are only a few lines tall).

Well, kind of (more below).

>> The docstrings state that the above variables are obsolete and one
>> should use `display-buffer-names' etc., but I have no idea how to get
>> the previous correct behaviour (I assume messing with `min-width' and
>> similar inside `display-buffer-names' might be the way to go, but I
>> don't see why the obsolete variables should not be respected when the
>> new ones are nil by default anyway).
> The new ones are not nil.

Oh... I only checked `display-buffer-names', which is nil by default.

> `display-buffer-regexps' specifies them as 24
> lines and 60 columns for the new window which obviously don't match the
> defaults of the trunk.  So please change the default values of the
> min-height and min-width specifiers in `display-buffer-regexps'
>   '(((".*")
>      same-frame
>      (reuse-buffer-window . nil)
>      (new-window (largest . nil) (lru . nil))
>      (min-height . 24) (min-width . 60)
>      (even-window-sizes . t)
>      other-frame
>      (reuse-buffer-window . visible)
>      (graphic-only . t)
>      (popup-frame-alist
>       (height . 24) (width . 80) (unsplittable . t))))
> to something more reasonable and tell me about the next show-stopper you
> encounter.

Well, I'm sorry but I'll obviously need some assistance. As I explained,
what I'm used to is this:

            split-height-threshold = 80
            split-width-threshold = 150
            pop-up-windows = t
            fullscreen window width => 158
            fullscreen window height => 59

... meaning that the first new window is automatically split
_horizontally_ (resulting in two windows side by side).

With Emacs from window-pub, even when I change `min-height' in the
default value of `display-buffer-regexps' to 1000 and `min-width' to 10,
I still get a vertical split!

So as I said, I have no idea what "something more reasonable" should
actually look like... :-|

Could you provide a value for `display-buffer-regexps' that should
produce the behaviour I expect (or at least some other kind of sensible
behaviour -- I don't consider preferring vertical splits of a
much-wider-than-high window sensible at all)?

Thank you,


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