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Re: Adding a menu item for htmlfontify-buffer to File menu

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Adding a menu item for htmlfontify-buffer to File menu
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 08:51:19 +0900

"Andrew W. Nosenko" <address@hidden> writes:
>> Maybe that Print subsection should be put into its own submenu, or maybe
>> we should have just "print buffer" and "print region" and then prompt
>> the user about how she wants to print (just print, to ps, to b&w ps, to
>> html, younameit).
> Excuse me, but convert to html is not a print.  It's... hmm... convert :-)
> Convert to html, convert to postscript, convert to pdf...  Or export,
> if you prefer that name.  But not a print.
> May be in English the word "print" has some other additional sense,

It depends on what exactly it's doing...

"Printing" sort of means making a particular presentation form of the
document (usually paginated, often with headers/footers, etc).  This is
opposed to, for instance, exporting its contents in a way that maintains
semantics to some degree etc.

So for instance, "print to a file" is a different operation from "save
to a file".

"Print to html", likewise, would mean to write an html-encoded version
of the presentation-form of the document (which is not usually useful as
a way of actually saving the document's contents), and typically would
be offered alongside "Print to Postscript/PDF/whatever".  There might
_also_ be an "Export to html" operation for modes that support it; e.g.,
in an XML-mode of some sort, exporting to html might make sense...



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