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RE: elpa.gnu.org policy

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: elpa.gnu.org policy
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 07:56:04 -0800

> Yeah...  well, back in the 90s, it made sense to support all the
> different Emacs versions, because the development direction 
> of the main Emacs was so, er, interesting.  Ahem.


Emacs development today is not as robust and inventive as it was in the 90s
(including Epoch, Zmacs,...), in spite of far better communication today and a
larger number of software developers and Emacs users around the planet.

Far from being some horrible Frankenstein experiment gone bad, that was a
fertile period for Emacs development.

(In my view.)

> So there really were reasons for people not to just use
> the latest Emacs.  But I don't really see that as
> much of an issue any more...

Get real.  There are lots of people _today_ who use other than the latest Emacs.
That you don't understand that or the different reasons they do so is too bad.

> Me too.  I wish it was possible to just write towards Emacs 24 and
> pretend that nothing else existed

Right, who cares about users?

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