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Re: The window-pub branch

From: grischka
Subject: Re: The window-pub branch
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 17:45:55 +0100
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martin rudalics wrote:
 > Where a "wrapper" is a piece of code with exclusive access to the
 > functionality that it wraps.  There must be no way to bypass the
 > wrapper except for the wrapper itself.

It would only take a few seconds before someone asked for a way to
bypass such a wrapper programmatically.

Only if the wrapper doesn't work very well.  And a wrapper cannot
work very well if it can be bypassed.

Anyway all I'm asking for is the OPTION to install such wrapper.
The obvious way to bypass it is simply not to install it.  But as
long as it is installed, there should be no way to bypass it.
Otherwise it wouldn't be an honest option.

 > I'm not interested in the details of existing bugs.  I'm only
 > interested whether your new design is able to get past them.

This is not about a bug.  It's about what Emacs has to do in order to
prevent crashing.

You speak of "Emacs" as if it were a third party in that game.
There is nothing anywhere outside that would force it to crash
from zero-sized windows or windows with no buffer.

(Then again number "0" was still causing headaches to ancient greek
philosophers who asked: "How can nothing be something?" :)).

 >  "A feature called substructure redirect allows a window manager to
 >   intercept any requests to map, move, resize, or change the border
 >   width of windows. This allows the window manager to modify these
 >   requests, if necessary, to ensure that they meet its window layout
 >   policy."
 > Which in other words means a single hook that is sufficient for
 > everything a window-manager might want to do.

Doesn't `window-configuration-change-hook' get near to that?  Though it
seems to me that you want to put yourself into the window manager's seat

Yes.  Well, maybe.  At this point I'm just trying to push you towards
installing such seat and to suggest to use it in your own functions.

Of course in order to prove the fitness of an interface you'd better
have at least two possible clients.  Here is one more, if you want to:


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