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Re: Add a functionality of bullet list and enumeration list to rst.el.

From: Stefan Merten
Subject: Re: Add a functionality of bullet list and enumeration list to rst.el.
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 17:05:52 +0100

Hi Stefan!

Thanks for contacting us!

2 days ago Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Hello rst.el maintainers.  Weiwei Guo submitted a patch to rst.el to
> improve the handling of enumerated items.

Wei-Wei submitted this or a similar patch a while ago to the docutils
project. Unfortunately it has not been integrated yet - due to lack of

> It seems OK to me, but since I don't use rst.el my judgment might not
> be very relevant.  Could you confirm that we should install it?

I'm just preparing a new version of rst.el for the Emacs development.
It merges the downstream patches from you Emacs developers with a
couple of improvements I did in the upstream version in the docutils
version. IMHO it would be wiser that I integrate Wei-Wei's patch in
the upstream version.

> I have included the original patch as well as an alternative patch which
> includes additional (untested) changes I made to improve the coding
> style (and fix an apparent bug in his patch w.r.t handling
> rst-re-items).

Thanks for this.

I'd suggest this: I'll look at your version of the patch and include
in the upstream version in the docutils project and then send the
result to the Emacs developers. I think this would be the best way
also because in my local development environment I'm maintaining all
the versions of rst.el I know of so I'm probably the only one who can
merge all the changes properly. Since I now have an improved version
of this patch I'll do this immediately. Is that ok for you?



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