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Re: Updating *vc-dir* marks from *VC-log*

From: Bob Rogers
Subject: Re: Updating *vc-dir* marks from *VC-log*
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 15:46:05 -0500

   From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
   Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 13:43:19 -0500

   >    Perhaps I'm slow, but I only just noticed that it is possible to work
   > on multiple VC commits for the same working copy in parallel, just by
   > renaming *VC-log* buffers.  This is cool; it perfectly suits my working
   > style.  I would like to write it up for the Emacs manual so that others
   > can find it.

   Hmm... I'd like to change VC-Log so that it always commits what's
   selected in vc-dir at the time of the commit rather than at the time the
   VC-Log buffer is opened (with a confirmation prompt to the user when the
   two sets are actually different).

Yes, that's what I thought you meant.  (But I was thinking of going
further, such that if the user refuses the "Use new fileset?" prompt,
there is a followup "Commit current fileset?" prompt.  That preserves
access to existing behavior, though it does make an exception to the
"always commits" rule you have stated.)

   In the common case where the user only uses a single VC-Log buffer, it
   is better than the current situation since it makes your
   log-edit-visit-files-in-vc-dir completely unnecessary.

That is mostly true.  The difference is that
log-edit-visit-files-in-vc-dir also works to change the fileset of a
commit that starts from a single file.  You can use vc-dir for that
purpose by doing an explicit C-x v v in *vc-dir* to hijack the existing
single-file log buffer, but that is not obvious.  And if the user
doesn't C-x v v from *vc-dir*, then C-c C-c won't DTRT, because it won't
know about *vc-dir*.

   And it would also be convenient to have a log-edit-mode command that
takes you back to the right *vc-dir* buffer.  Of course, that's a much
simpler command than log-edit-visit-files-in-vc-dir.  Would that be

   But I'm not sure how to best handle your use case where you have several
   VC-Log buffers, then.


Then perhaps we should table this discussion until the "Use new
fileset?" prompt is in place.

                                        -- Bob

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