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Re: The window-pub branch

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: The window-pub branch
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 09:36:17 -0500
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>> I might want that, indeed, but what I wrote above is not directly
>> related, it's just that if ediff uses symbols `ediff-A' and `ediff-B',
>> I might like to be able to have a single entry that covers both (and
>> covers the ediff-ancestor one as well).  That would naturally extend to
>> a more general form of classification of buffers (e.g. `ediff' for all
>> things related to ediff... I'd probably also like to be able to use
>> a major-mode name as a classification).
> So you want to use the lexicographic ordering of the print names of
> symbols here?  Like
>        ediff < ediff-A < ediff-A-whatever

Didn't think of it.  It might work surprisingly well, but I don't find
it very attractive.  Instead, I was thinking of something more like an
explicitly specified (partial?) ordering.
E.g. Ediff could have somewhere

  (define-display-buffer-class 'ediff
    'ediff-a 'ediff-b 'ediff-ancestor 'ediff-control)

Or maybe such symbols could simply be predicates (simpler to implement
and more general).


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