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Re: emacs-20101122 windows binaries

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: emacs-20101122 windows binaries
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 11:11:45 +0900

Lennart Borgman writes:

 > Why do you think that giving the users the choice to download either
 > binaries with debug info or without it is "even more disk space
 > waste"?

The reason for making debug binaries available is to encourage their
use.  If there is good reason to encourage non-beta-testers to use
debug binaries, then we should not ship non-debug binaries because
debug binaries cost the user extra disk space, and (perhaps) a tiny
bit of load time or run-time performance, and we need to overcome that

On the contrary, if there's no particular reason to encourage that,
then we shouldn't impose the costs on users at all.

Of course there may be some ambiguity, in which case offering the
choice might be a good idea.  But remember, this isn't like offering
debug versions of standard libraries in an OS distro, where people may
be building their apps with debug options, and need to trace a problem
into the standard libraries.  Rather, Emacs is an end-user
application, and people who would be able and willing to debug at that
level are very likely already beta testers, building with debug
options on.

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