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RE: English dictionary with definitions.

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: English dictionary with definitions.
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 07:07:54 -0800

> > > I wish to ask you what is the best choice for an English 
> > > dictionary with definitions.
> > 
> > There probably is no "best choice".
> > 
> > For American English, "American Heritage Dictionary" is 
> quite good, especially
> > its comparative treatment of usage for synonyms and other 
> related words.
> > 
> Where can I find it in emacs ?

Dunno; you probably cannot.  (You didn't mention anything about that.)  I
thought you were just looking for a (physical book) dictionary.

But on Emacs Wiki I believe there are several Emacs commands (libraries) that
let you get to online dictionaries.


If you want access to a thesaurus within Emacs, you can use synonyms.el.  I use
it with an English thesaurus, but I know that it is also used with a German
thesaurus by some.  The Emacs library is separate from the thesaurus file, which
needs to be plain text, comma-separated.


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