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Re: improve rmail's MIME handling

From: Bob Rogers
Subject: Re: improve rmail's MIME handling
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 01:21:34 -0500

   From: Kenichi Handa <address@hidden>
   Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 15:38:27 +0900

   In article <address@hidden>, Bob Rogers <address@hidden> writes:
   >    In RMAIL, as `g' is for getting new mails, it can't be used
   >    for toggling the MIME handling.  In Gnus it seems C-u C-u g
   >    also toggles headers.  So one idea is to use `t' in RMAIL to
   >    toggle MIME handling too.  But, in RMAIL, `t' still decodes
   >    subect, etc. according to RFC2047 . . .

   > FWIW, the VM mail reader (which also uses "g" to get mail and "t" to
   > toggle headers) uses "D", for "decode MIME".

   Does "D" just decode MIME instead of togging the decoding
   and undecoding of MIME?  Does VM decode encoded-words of
   headers only when "D" is typed?

   Kenichi Handa

It's a toggle; here is the start of the doc string for

        Decode the MIME objects in the current message.
        The first time this command is run on a message, decoding is
        done.  The second time, buttons for all the objects are
        displayed instead.  The third time, the raw, undecoded data is

        If decoding, the decoded objects might be displayed immediately,
        or buttons might be displayed that you need to activate to view
        the object.  See the documentation for the variables


        to see how to control whether you see buttons or objects.

Headers in the message display seem to be decoded at the same time
(headers in the summary buffer are apparently decoded by a separate
mechanism).  And messages are initially decoded by default.

                                        -- Bob

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