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Tabs for console.

From: Alin Soare
Subject: Tabs for console.
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 00:45:30 +0200

Here it is. I spent 2 weeks to learn git, in order to be able to work with emacs confortably, and now I am almost? expert in git LOL.

A first functional version. It is difficult to believe, isn't it? Those who love the console will enjoy.

It is the 3rd time when I restart the tabs from scratch, and the first time when I manage to get a result.

The first time I started coding tabs as frames. Every frame had a list of frames, and those secondary frames appeared as tabs. I realized the idea was bad and gave up.

The second try, I modified the Vframe_list. From a list of frames, I transformed it into a list of lists of frames. Every such list represented a group of tabs. Every frame had as tabs the frames from the same group with it. It worked, but to develop the idea should have been modified half of emacs!

Next, I had the idea, after a discussion with Stefan Monnier that tabs must be implemented programmable.

I attach you an example. Tabs that implement window configuration.

The tabs are not finished. this is just the beginning.

The programmable tabs should implement everything, from window configurations up to compilations and frames, and many more.

In order to be able to implement tabs as frames, the frames functionality must be extended.

Every tab should have its own environment (see the conflict of the variable cwc). Actor model of evaluation is good for this, but emacs does not have lexical scope yet.

The code is not completed yet. I did not add comments yet.

Please look over the code. I will send a commented version next days. Until then , I hope to receive your suggestion.


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