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please help concerning specpdl

From: Alin Soare
Subject: please help concerning specpdl
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2010 07:33:50 +0200

Many functions in emacs contain the sequence
count = SPECPDL_INDEX ();
val = Fprogn (args);
return unbind_to (count, val);

like the  function attached below,

Can you explain me the logic of specpdl please ?

DEFUN ("save-current-buffer", Fsave_current_buffer, Ssave_current_buffer, 0, UNEVALLED, 0,
  (Lisp_Object args)
  Lisp_Object val;
  int count = SPECPDL_INDEX ();

  record_unwind_protect (set_buffer_if_live, Fcurrent_buffer ());

  val = Fprogn (args);
  return unbind_to (count, val);

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