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Re: Return

Subject: Re: Return
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 18:55:18 -0500

| Note that Python (at least) has adopted this approach, with a core
| language definition that is 99% or so independent of implementation
| (cf. CPython, Cython nee pyrex, Stackless Python, Jython, IronPython,
| and PyPy).

Pshaw... Doesn't GVR eschew ++Lambda++ in p3k? Heresy!

| Speaking of Common Lisp, since it has a package scheme, you might be
| able to implement the elisp interpreter by using the elisp
| interpreter, and put in in a package that uses elisp eval instead of
| Common Lisp's eval.

Sam Steingold has explored this in the CLOCC.

There is also LICE.

Pretty sure Closure has an "Emacs like" editor for Mac environs.

PJB maintains quite a bit of Elisp<-->Common-Lisp code.

FWIW I've been collecting various bits and pieces from the above mentioned
sources into a personal package for the last ~6 months.

I'm sure many Common Lispers do similarly.

Also, as mentioned there is Climacs which is quite functional with McClim/CLX.

Likewise, there is Hemlock. (AIUI someone is currently porting it to Qt...)

Also, there are any number of legacy "Emacs like" editors from the
Lispm/TI/Symbolics/BBN/Xerox... implementations. Source is generally available
for all of these.

Contemporary commercial sources like Lispworks and Allegro provide "Emacs like"

Given Emacs' Maclisp lineage and the number of Lisp2 users whom actively use
GNU/Xemacs (or some equivalent) and the presence of a formal Common Lisp
specification implemented on myriad platforms and multiple
implementations of said
specification, why on earth should a switch to either a Scheme/Python VM warrant

FWIW I find it quite odd that discussions of moving the Emacs VM to
Guile are bandied
about when Clisp is available as a GNU project (since forever), has an existing
C interface, is easily as portable across platformas as Guile scheme, counts
among its core authors a formidable contributor to various high-level
GNU projects
(Bruno Haible) and has the admirable quality that it doesn't get confused
between nil/empty-list/falsehood in the way that a Scheme will.


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