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Re: Fwd: Tabs for console.

From: Alin Soare
Subject: Re: Fwd: Tabs for console.
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 23:09:52 +0200

The :data solution still allows that: the data can be a defstruct
(hence named slots), a has-table, or an obarray if you so wish.

I do not like to insert in elisp clisp stuff. That is why I did not want to think in clisp .

I prefer all the time the style of Ben Bitdiddle.

If, in my loss of knowledge , emacs can make lexical scope, how do you re-write this chunk of Scheme code in elisp ?

(define (create-tab x)
  (lambda (m)
    (cond ((equal? m ':init)
       (display (string-append x ":init") ) )
      ((equal? m ':activate)
       (display (string-append x ":activate") ) ) ) ) )

(define tab (create-tab "tab1"))

(tab ':init)

(tab ':activate)



Wenn ich 'Kultur' höre, nehme ich meine Pistole.

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