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Re: Selected text -> system clipboard on NS?

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Re: Selected text -> system clipboard on NS?
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 19:28:05 +0200

Jan Djärv kirjoitti 2010/12/11 kello 14:13:

> It does so for the X port as well.

Thanks..  I take by this and the lack of other response that this IS an 
intended feature then.

So how are people selecting regions extending over multiple pages now?

My old method, now broken, was to hit Ctrl-spc, page up or down to roughly the 
other end of where I wanted, then click the mouse to the exact place.  Now If I 
want to do this I have to avoid using the mouse, since that will reset the mark 
and destroy the region.


> Adrian Robert skrev 2010-12-11 10.38:
>> Another question.
>> In the NS port trunk, if you hit Ctrl-space [set mark], then mouse-click on
>> another point, the region is cleared.  (Running with -Q.)  Previously this
>> has set the region to between point and mark.  Is this an intended behavior
>> or unintended consequence of recent changes?
>> thanks, Adrian

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