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Re: TROLL is a HATE terminology

From: Fren Zeee
Subject: Re: TROLL is a HATE terminology
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 11:03:10 -0800

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 3:48 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull <address@hidden> wrote:
> The emacs-devel and help-gnu-emacs lists have my deepest apologies.  I
> did not expect my private message, offering sincere advice, to receive
> such an obnoxious reply on any public list, let alone one I don't
> participate in.
> Sincerely yours,

Stephen, If you inspect my first reply to your email, which I realized
a little later was private, it was an error, and I wanted to add to
the help mailing lists, but then decided to send it anyways,

It is not personally against you at all.

It is mainly against the terminology of "troll" ... evidence being
that I forked off a thread under a different title.

It is well known that there are various subversive organizations and
agencies whose full time paid agents are on the internet and they are
quite malicious as a result of their organizational structuring if not
by personal intent.

They are operating to stop the normal human exchange, say trade and
sharing of knowledge.

It is a fact that I had _high regard_ for you, and hope to have so in
the future.

Thats why your post (later i realized ... a private email) made me
think and it was a eureka moment to realize what troll stood for and I
expressed it clearly. Other authors above have said that they could
not understand this vague term whose true meaning is only known by its
context of usage. I thank them for their contribution and testimonial.

Because it has no dictionary meaning, it continued to be used
effectively by dark forces to denigrade people. My post should help
label it as what it really is.

You probably unconsciously picked it up ... where I gave the benefit of doubt.

I dont think my post paints you in any poor light ... just that
members of human extended family can sometimes have a little

However, I extend my apologies also to anyone who might have been hurt
by any strong word of mine.

Now, as far as "helpful" suggestion is concerned, here is an example
of rather business-like but a helpful post  ... the criteria being
advancing the original topic of that thread. I am sure many others
would benefit by the answer. In person, in all my academic classes, I
know that many people have thanked me for asking questions on their
behalf ... and won respect of most of my professors. Now, as we get
older, our capacity to learn new subjects can deteriorate a little.

Chad Brown
 to me, Emacs
show details Dec 7 (7 days ago)
On Dec 7, 2010, at 1:24 PM, Fren Zeee wrote:

> The question is VERY CLEAR !!! and SPECIFIC at the LAST STAGE !!!

POINTS!!!, I still have no idea what you're trying to accomplish.

Perhaps you would be helped by evaluating both of these in emacs:

       (pp (list 1 2))
       (pp (cons 1 2))

or perhaps:

       (pp (list (list 1 2) (list 3 4)))
       (pp (list (cons 1 2) (cons 3 4) (cons 5 6)))

I say `perhaps', because I don't really know what you're trying to

I hope that helps,

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