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Re: Does display-buffer display the buffer or not?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Does display-buffer display the buffer or not?
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 18:57:02 +0100
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> I don't know whether it's better.  Maybe because, as I tried to explain
> > earlier, the error handler would call `display-buffer' and fail the same
> > way.
> And in response to that I said that then it is left to every
> programmer using display-buffer to handle this very uncommon cases
> instead.

I never disputed that.  But what you said earlier was that

> So the average programmers is supposed to know how to handle this, but
> those writing for example the routines that shows a backtrace when
> there is an error are not.
> Why is the average programmer better at avoiding looping here?

and I tried to explain that the average programmer usually doesn't mess
things up in a way that the "very uncommon case" really occurs.  So in
practice the "very uncommon case" usually occurs only when a non-average
programmer fails at writing a good `pop-up-frame-function'.  In that
case, however, signalling an error wouldn't help her much since that
might call the same `pop-up-frame-function' again.


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