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Re: Tool bar icons always enabled

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: Tool bar icons always enabled
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 11:36:33 +0100
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Il 25/12/2010 20.40, Jan Djärv ha scritto:

Angelo Graziosi skrev 2010-12-25 15.31:
I just noticed that a few tool bar icons are always enabled. For
example, the
'Save current buffer to its file', usually, is disabled (grayed) if the
current buffer does not need to be saved, instead it is enabled (not
if the buffer is modified and not yet saved. But now that icon is
always enabled.

The same occurs with 'Undo last operation': it is always on, even if
there is
not things to be 'undoed'.

This behavior has been introduced recently because it was absent with the
trunk build I did on 19 December 2010 and Emacs shows up it since 22

Is it a regression or 'intentional'?

I think it is a regression. I see it on OSX, a december 16 build is OK.
Funny enough, the copy icon still gets disabled and enabled as before,
but other icons are enabled all the time.

I think these are the changes which caused it:

2010-12-20  Chong Yidong  <...>

        * tool-bar.el (tool-bar--image-expression): New function.
        (tool-bar-local-item, tool-bar--image-exp): Use it.
        (tool-bar-setup): Initialize tool-bar-separator-image-expression.
        Use :enable instead of :visible to avoid changing the tool-bar
        configuration unnecessarily.


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