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Re: Forcing reinstall in package.el

From: Phil Hagelberg
Subject: Re: Forcing reinstall in package.el
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 12:08:26 -0800

2010/12/15 Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden>:
> I thought Phil was talking about an upgrade situation (version is same
> or newer), not an unconditional overwrite even if the version is older.
> Sorry if I misunderstood.
> I don't think it's an error to install the same version.  You could have
> modified your local version accidentally, for instance.  In that case it
> should maybe warn you, but it's still a good thing to be able to overwrite.

Reinstalling the same version is very common for package developers.

I'm only talking about overwriting files. Since different versions
live in different paths, if you choose to install an older/newer
version that hasn't been installed yet, you won't get an overwrite
warning either way, so that question is really orthogonal.

The only question about my proposed change is whether overwriting
already-installed packages should happen automatically or require a
prompt/prefix. I suppose it would be possible to have local changes to
your packages that you want to avoid blowing away, so requiring a
prompt is slightly safer. I will work on a patch that does this unless
there are further objections.


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