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Re: bug#7517: 24.0.50; repeated crash under Mac OS X

From: Uday S Reddy
Subject: Re: bug#7517: 24.0.50; repeated crash under Mac OS X
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 20:43:17 +0000

Eli Zaretskii writes:

> > It turns out that the header wasn't processed correctly because Emacs 
> > doesn't show any coding system with the mime-charset property of 
> > "iso-8859-8-i".  There is in fact a coding system with an identical 
> > name.  But its mime-charset property is given as "iso-8859-8".
> The only subtlety here is that iso-8859-8-i is a coding-system-alias
> of iso-8859-8.  Does that help to resolve the issue?

I have now given up on using the mime-charset property to search for
coding systems because of the too many aliases going on.  However, it
seems that all the coding systems have aliases that correspond to MIME
charset names.  So, I am using that to find the right coding system.
This has corrected the buffer name problem.

However, OP reports that the frame title says "bad coding" or some
such incantation, even though the buffer name shows up correctly
inside Emacs.  Perhaps it is a problem in the interface between Emacs
and the OS?


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